10 Money Saving Tips For Your Home In The Winter

Dated: 01/10/2015

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When the outdoor temperature drops, it seems the cost for every bill rises.  These tips will warm your pocketbook when nothing outside can!

1.   Let sunlight in during the day and curtains closed at night.   Keeping your curtains open during the daylight hours can help heat the home.  Letting your furnace take a break by taking advantage of sunny days can save you money.  In addition, closing curtains at night helps insulate drafty glass areas and retains heat in the home.  

2.  Use a programmable thermostat.  Newer furnace units may already have this option.  Lower the indoor temperature during the day by a few degrees while the home is empty.  After work, 5 or 6:00 program the heat to turn on and beginning warming the home to your preferred temperature.  If your existing unit does not have this option, there are universal thermostats that can be purchased and installed to help regulate heat.  

3.  Move furniture away from vents.  Often times, floor vents may be overlooked and become blocked by large bulky furniture.  Make a habit of making sure these vents are kept clear when rearranging furniture or cleaning.  Keeping these areas free will help circulate heat throughout the room more efficiently.  

4.  Be mindful of fireplace use.  Even though everyone enjoys the ambiance of a glowing fire, they can be an inefficient heat source.  Basically, the fire heats the room it is located in leaving the rest of the home cool or even frigid.  Once the fire is put out and the room begins to cool to the thermostat temperature, your heating unit has to play catch up and heat the entire house that is now freezing.  

5.  If you have a radiator, insulate it.  Home improvement stores sell reflective radiator foil that can be placed on the back of the radiator to push heat into the room instead of pushing the heat up to the ceiling.  If you can't find the foil, use cardboard.  

6.  Turn your ceiling fan to "winter" mode.  If you have a ceiling fan, find the toggle switch located above the blades on the base of the fan.  By flipping the switch the fan will spin in a clockwise direction instead of a counterclockwise.  This will push rising heat back down to the floor of the room.  

7.  Seal leaks.  Drafty doors, windows, attic spaces, chimneys, and even dryers can bring in unnecessary cold air.  Place draft dodgers at the base of doors and windows to help. Tighten the damper on your chimney so when it is shut, it is really shut.  When doing laundry, do multiple loads in a row to take advantage of an already warm dryer.  Keep the dryer door closed when not in use.  Cold air from the dryer vent can cause a draft in a seldom used room.  

8.  Use your oven.  Planning chicken for dinner?  Instead of frying on the stove top, roast or broil your chicken in the oven.  The extra heat from the oven will help!  When you are finished cooking, prop the oven door open and let that warm air into the room, but please be mindful of small children!  

9.  Keep doors closed to rooms you frequent often.  Trap the warm air in rooms you are in often or use for long periods of time.  This will create a small sauna effect and you won't be temped to crank up the heat.

10.  Insulate wood floors.  Well insulted underlayment is important when laying a hard floor surface but most of the time the floor is already there right?  So you can use area rugs often to keep the chill from the floor to a minimum.  

Using these tips for winter savings are pretty easy to follow.  If not all apply to you, choose a few to help cut back on unnecessary energy spending in the cold months.  As always call me at 605-999-6459 in you have any questions!  

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