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Dated: 01/18/2018

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Home Selling Tips | Preparing To List Your Home

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It may be hard to believe in these frigid temperatures but Spring is just around the corner.  Many people have been entertaining thoughts of selling thier homes in the upcoming months.  If you are one such person, here are a 3 major tips to help you get started preparing your home! 


    Buyers viewing homes do not want the destraction of seperating personal images from constructive decision making.  Sellers should remove as many personal items from the home as possible.  Wedding pictures, baby pictures, religious artifacts, knicknacks, or other items that are not needed on a daily basis should be packed away.  Give the buyers a chance to imagine their own items in the home.  

    The same goes for other non-personal items.  Kitchen counters should be clear of extra appliances or cooking items.  If there are small children in your home, extra toys, books, or baby equipment should also be stored away during the listing time period.  When cleaning bedrooms, closets should be clear or have limited items.  Pack up seasonal clothes or extra shoes to make spacious closets more appealing. 

    Long story short, get rid of what you don't need.  Either pack it away, donate it, or trash it! 

2.  Crank Up the Curb Appeal

    Whether you are selling in the summer or winter, curb appeal is a big deal!  Essentially, this can be the buyers first impression of the home.  Dressing up the home with landscaping, fresh paint, or seasonal decor can really wow a potential buyer.  

    Landscaping doesn't only petain to plantlife which is typically only relevant during the summer months.  Landscaping can include a well thought out retaining wall, a decorative rock garden, or evergreen trees that would be appealing in both warmer and colder months.  Greenery is always a welcoming feature so when you are planning your landscaping, decide what look you are going for all year long. 

    A fresh coat of paint can go a long way!  If your home is well maintained and move in ready, buyers will be more apt to move forward with an offer.  It also is important to mention, fresh paint will impress an appraiser as well!  Some mortgage loan programs will throw up a red flag if paint is chipping or peeling from the home or garage.  Nip that problem in the butt right away by painting before listing! 

3. Clean!  

    You may think your home is clean but clean it again!  In my experience, there is no greater turn off to potential buyers than a messy and dirty home.  Kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, everything should be spotless!  If you are on the fence about replacing carpet, do it.  New flooring is a plus!  I also recommend washing windows inside and out.  This will increase the natural light coming into the home and create warmth.  Appliances, if staying with the home should be cleaned inside and out as well.  

Getting a home sold can be a very pleasant experience for both buyer and seller if the home is prepared.  The work required before officially listing the home will produce greater results in the end. 

Have you already done the prep work and you are ready to get the process started?

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