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Dated: 02/26/2018

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 Tips & Tricks To Improve Everyday Cleaning & Orgnaizing Tasks

Why didn't I think of that?

In the hustle and bussle of everyday life, simple organizing and cleaning at home can often be put on the back burner.  Use these simple household hacks to make cleaning at home quick, simple, and effective.  Some items found around the house, when used in place of expensive cleaning products may also help save money!  And who couldn't use more space?  Organizing doesn't have to be difficult, just think outside the box! 

Soap Scum & Hard Water

  • Use dryer sheets to clean soap scum build up on a shower head.

  • Treat shower doors with car wax to prevent soap scum build up.

  • Cut a lemon in half and use the exposed inside of the lemon to scrub hard water stains off bathtub fixtures and faucets. 

  • Use a rubber band to secure a baggie of white vinegar on your shower head.  Let the shower head soak overnight to remove hard stubborn water stains as well as soap scum.  Shower Head Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning

  • Use a 1 to 3 part vinegar and water solution on a carpet stain.  Place a light colored towel over the stain and iron with the highest steam setting.  The stain will transfer to the towel.

  • For less stubborn stains, use a quick solution of Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to treat carpet. 

  • Vacuum up 3 tablespoons cinnamon before starting to vacuum the house.  The cinnamon will heat up and leave behind a light scent as you vacuum each room.

  • When rearranging furniture, place ice cubes on dented carpet areas.  Let the cubes melt and wait 12 hours, blot up any excess water and carpet should be refreshed. Ice Cube Carpet Trick

Kitchen Organization

  • Organize lids for tupperware and cookware by mounting a wire wall mount magazine rack on the inside of your cabinet. 

  • Command hooks mounted on cabinet doors are great to store measuring spoons and cups to free up drawer space. 

  • Use stackable wine racks to save space when storing water bottles, to go cups, and travel mugs. 

  • Mount a small tension rod under the sink and hang spray bottles by the trigger.  Under Sink Storage

Closet and Warbrobe Organization

  • Organizing and keeping scarfs and accessories can be easy when using over the door towel bars.  Hang bars on your closet door and hang scarves, jewelry, or hats from them. 

  • Use tiered hanging fruit baskets in your closet to store gloves, socks, scarves, or other smaller loose items. 

  • Mount clothes pins to a decorative board or command hooks straight to the wall and clip straps of camis, bras, or tanks to save drawer space. 

  • Fold sheets and store between the mattress and box spring.  To keep sheets fresh, place a dryer sheet in between the layers while they are stowed away. 

These and hundreds of other Life Hacks can be found on Pinterest! And as always if you need more space in general, start your home search HERE

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