Sioux Falls Top Neighborhoods For 2015

Dated: 11/06/2015

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 What are buyers looking for in a neighborhood?  One of the most important features of course is schools. How close , how good, and  what is the student/teacher ratio? Traffic flow, or how busy are the streets in this area. Are you located in an area next to a main interstate or highway? Will this affect how much traffic comes through your street? Is the interstate easy to access from where you live.  A buyer will also be interested in the closeness of activities, amenities, and necessities? How far is the local neighborhood park, or pool.  Does a bike trail run through your Sioux Falls neighborhood? Is there a grocery store nearby, can you walk to the local convenience store?  Real estate taxes and crime rate are also features buyers will consider when choosing a neighborhood to live in Sioux Falls.  As 2015 draws near to an end, Sioux Falls top neighborhoods for homes sold include the following: 

Neighborhood     Number of homes sold     Average selling price

Aspen Heights                            40                                       $159,580

Candlelight Acres                       38                                        $173,975

Sertoma Hills:                            36                                        $174,067

Galway Park:                             22                                        $190,000

Hilltop:                                     21                                        $130,285

What does this information mean?  If you live here, you have a very sought after Sioux Falls neighborhood. You can most likely get top dollar on your home. If you are looking to buy , you may want to chose one of these areas , as the features have drawn many residents choose these neighborhoods.  

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