Decorating Trends Hot For Summer 2018

Dated: 03/20/2018

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What's trending in home decor and design?

Spring is hopefully just around the corner and there is no doubt many people get the itch to spruce up thier home or start a new project.  Updating paint, trimwork, and fabrics is a very affective way to give your home modern appeal.  Read on to learn the hottest trends in decorating for 2018.   

Color! Color! Color! 

Experts say the cool, nuetral colors are out!  Move over latte and biege, make room for bold statment colors!  Vibrant colors have been viewed as uninviting in the past but are gaining popularity.  Colors such as yellow, red, and coral are popping up in homes all over.  Two colors predicted to be the hottest in 2018 are Lavendar and Olive Green.   Green earthy hues tend to be a popular choice to those looking for a change but not wanting to go overboard.  If bright wall paint isn't your style, try using bold color pallettes on furniture.  This will allow you to still make a statement without the commitment of overpowering paint colors. 

The More Contrast The Better!

Trending in new construction is contrasting finishes.  Often, walls saturated with dark colors are paired with white or light gray trim.  Adversely, another option would be paint walls white or a lighter shade and have dark colored trim.  The difference of the two finishes creates a very dramatic depth of field.  Using white as the lighter shade will keep balance in the room without colors becoming too overwhelming. 

Contrast found in decor is another great way to liven up a space.  This can be done by featuring rich color pallettes in different textures.  For example, pair colored metal decor with rich fabrics and sleek black and white marble to create a moodier pallette.  Prefer a rustic vibe?  Expose natural elements such as brick or exposed stone work and accentuate with modern edgy light fixtures and accessories.  Velvet is huge right now so another option would be to use plush velvet with the stark industrial mood of stainless steel.  The possibilities are endless! 

Contrast living room

Patterns With a Purpose! 

Throw pillows, rugs, curtains, etc. are no longer meant to blend in the background.  Two very popular options for accessory patterns are circles and floral patterns.  If you are feeling daring, large geometric patterns are very popular on wallpaper.

And yes, wallpaper is making a comeback!  In large metro areas, many office spaces are going with Geode style (pictured below) or Agate style wallpaper.  Another popular venue for this trend is smaller fashionable boutiques, we will start to see more Geology influenced designs in residential markets as well.  

Geode Wallpaper

For more information on what's trending right now visit  Another great place to find decorating and decor ideas is Pinterest! Visit my For the Home board to learn tips on decorating, cleaning, and household maintenance.  

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