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Dated: 05/08/2017

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Many people embrace the summer sun and warm weather after surviving the frozen temperatures of the midwest prairie.  With the sun shining upon us, it is important that we keep our pets cool in the dog days of summer.  Here are 5 tips on how to help Fido from overheating.  

1. Do not leave your pet in an unattended vehicle. 

Keep in mind, on a 75 degree day, the temperature inside a vehicle can climb all the way up to 115 degrees.  Your pet only has a couple of ways to cool themselves down, either by panting or through a few sweat glands on their toes.  Being left in a hot vehicle is a quick way a pet can overheat.  In some states, it is lawful to break a window to rescue an overheated animal.  Do not put yourself in this situation!  Leave your pet at home if it is too hot for doggy to run errands with you! 

2. Avoid walking on hot surfaces. 

Although a dog's pads are made to be durable and withstand quite the torment, hot temperatures of asphalt or concrete can cause major discomfort and sensitivity issues later on.  When walking your dog, be sure to alternate your route to include cooler grass and shaded areas to give their feet a break.  If the ground is too hot for your own bare feet, remember, they too can feel the scalding hot ground.  If your dog really struggles with warm surfaces, buy dog booties to help protect from extreme conditions.  

3. Keep your pets hydrated with clean fresh water.  

Outdoor water dishes are a great idea but need to be kept clean.  Some dogs avoid water if it has warmed too much in the sun and may have begun to build an odor.  Be sure you refill dishes often to keep this from happening.  Also if you are leaving the house on a walk or a day trip, make sure to pack plenty of bottled water and a portable dog dish.  

4. Monitor the outdoor temperature.

Pets are a fun addition to activities but if the temperature is going to be above 85 degrees, it may be best for your dog to sit this one out.  Long hours in elevated temperatures are harder for dogs to handle than humans.  You may think it is bearable but it is more difficult for pets to cool down.  Be sure to watch your pet for signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion.  Another idea is to do activities with your pets during cooler parts of the day.  Walks, playing fetch, or exercising your pet at the beach should all be done when the temperature has begun to drop for the day.  Your pet will enjoy these activities more when the sun is setting!

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5. Provide proper outdoor shelter. 

If your pet is an outdoor animal, make sure they have a shady sanctuary.  A canopy, awning, or shady tree are all great options for your pet to find cool relaxation away from the hot afternoon sun.   If you do not have a fence and your dog is secured, make sure to double check the tie-down is long enough to reach a shaded area.  As mentioned above, make sure there is plenty of cool fresh water available.  If you have access to a small kiddy pool, keeping it in the yard with cool water may be a fun option for your pet to enjoy as well!

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Following these tips should help ensure a healthy safe summer for your furry friend.  If you find your pet is panting excessively, has tight non-elastic skin, appears lethargic with sunken eyes and dry nose, feels warm to the touch, or begins vomitting, these are all signs of dehydration and being overheated.  It is important to cool them down internally first; maybe feed them ice cubes or promote drinking cool water.  Do not immediately immerse your dog in a cold water bath, drastic temperature change can also be unhealthy.  If you have any questions or major concerns, you should definitely contact your veternarian.  

And as always, if you need help finding your next home with a great fenced in yard for your pet to enjoy, we have options!  Check them out here! 

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