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Dated: 02/14/2018

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Feng Shui Stones

Feng Shui is the study of balancing energy, known as "Chi", in a space.  An environment with a steady, healthy flow of Chi promotes good fortune, prosperity, and harmonious relationships in our lives. If you feel your Chi is out of sorts but aren't a Feng Shui guru, follow these simple tips for 4 main areas of the home to start balancing energy and promote healthy vibes. 

1. Front Door

The front door of a home, condo, or apartment is where all the energy enters the space.  It is important to keep this space free of clutter and well lit so guests have no trouble entering.  Try to avoid fluorescent lights and use warm light for an inviting feel.  The entryway should have a space to store coats and shoes, a small seating area, and a small storage area for keys or mail.  Additional pieces such as a mirror or green plant will also create a more inviting space. 

Living room furniture also plays a key role when planning an inviting entryway.  If possible, the sofa should back up to a main large wall and face the front door.  Having a wall behind the sofa gives a sense of security and being able to view the front door gives a sense of protection. 

2. Living Room

Continuing on with the living room, keep in mind balance.  Different shapes have different meanings and all compiled together create balance.  Experts recommend using a round coffee table in the center of the room to promote energy flow.  End tables should be retangular or square, 1 of each preferrably, or a square end table and retangular ottoman.  Squares represent the Earth, retangles represent wood, and circles represent metal.  All these elements paired together bring balance to the home. 

As mentioned, the main sofa should be backed up to a large wall.  If placing the sofa against a wall does not make sense in the space, be sure to add a long narrow table behind the sofa.  Lamps on the table illuminating the sofa will help provide the sense of protection normally brought on by the wall.  

3. Kitchen

Having a well lit and airy feel to the kitchen will promote health and prosperity.  Natural light from a window is a bonus in a kitchen.  If there is not a window, add a mirror or 2 so light can bounce around the space.  Artificial light is also important.  It is recommended to have many layers of light in a kitchen.  Ambient, task, and accent lighting will help create a cheery flow and bright space for guests to gather.  Having a large flourescent light overhead is not ideal. 

Now that you have a well lit space, you can focus on the use of color.  Most kitchens start with a white color pallette.  White is best to keep the airy open feel.  The use of colorful bowls, fruits, accessories, and dinnerware is where pops of color should be added to the space.  

4. Bedroom

The bedroom should serve as the main area of protection and relaxation in your home.  Keeping a clutter free, de-stress environment ensures a good night sleep and positive energy.  Start by getting rid of everything you do not need in the room.  Nightstands should have the very minimum on them; an alarm clock, lamp, and a good book.    Next, clear out everything you have stored underneath the bed.  Keeping clutter and dust attracting items stored under the bed can attract negative energy.  The bed should be used solely for sleeping, not storage.  Lastly, keep laptops, phones, and tablets away from you as you sleep.  If you use your phone as an alarm, keep it on silent mode so notifications don't disturb your rest.  Any unnecessary electronic device near your bed is a distraction and will not promote the flow of energy restoring rest.  

Learn More! 

The history of Feng Shui goes back almost 3,500 years so this is a mere sampling of all the guidelines to follow when making a Chi friendly space.  There are many books available for planning the perfect space or visit Understanding the Principles of Feng Shui.

Looking for a new home to practice your Feng Shui technique?  Start your search HERE!

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