Give Your Home A Facelift

Dated: 05/16/2017

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Guest Post: Give Your Home a Face-Lift

What do spring cleaning and tax returns have in common? You can use both as an opportunity to organize your life. Taxes were due in April, which means that you may be receiving a tax return soon if you haven't already. It can become a challenge to keep an area clean and organized once  spring cleaning is over if you don’t love how you organized things. If you’re going to organize your home, why not use your tax return to organize in style?


We all have things that we like to hold onto because we think we might use them someday or they remind us of a memory. Cabinets are great in both cases because our favorite items are still accessible. Luckily, we don’t have  to see them everyday.

Utilize cabinets already in your home, or hire a contractor to install them in spaces that don’t typically have them, such as a garage. Cabinets in a garage can help make your garage feel like it is an extension of your home by adding your own personal style to the area, rather than just creating a storage area.


Shelves are a great way to organize because they have the power to condense clutter and maximize any given space. By getting things off the floors, you will be able to store more while still being able to maintain an organized space. Shelves can be used in just about any room of a home. Utilize them in your living room to showcase family portraits and hold cubbies and totes with coloring books and toys for children.

If you install shelving in your garage, you may gain extra wiggle room to finally park your car in your garage again. Shelves create extra storage within reach which offers more accessibility than boxes stacked on top of each other.

Hidden Organizers

A great way to maximize the space in  any room is to use furniture that can have a dual purpose. Some ottomans and coffee tables come with drawers or cubbies that can store blankets, games and magazines.

Having a raised bed can be handy for storing seasonal clothing or other items that you don’t always need access to. Overhead garage storage racks are another way to store things like holiday items or memorabilia that don’t need to be accessed regularly.

When considering where to spend your tax return, we recommend treating yourself to a stylish and convenient organization system that you will be proud to have in your home for years to come. So, don’t fear! Your home can be organized and still match your style with these simple ideas.


Guest post by Janae Harker. Janae is a Search Engine Optimization specialist for Born Again Spaces, a company that specializes in garage storage systems in Garretson.  Janae enjoys hiking, camping and chocolate ice cream.

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