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Dated: 06/11/2018

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With the housing market in full swing and inventory levels very tight, how can sellers put their home on the top of the buyers' list?  One answer may be to have a pre-listing inspection done!  Their are multiple benefits to enlisting the service of a home inspecter prior to the first buyer walking through.  Not only does it make the job of the agent much easier, (which I personally love) it will also help keep the deal together since inspection negotiations can be tricky.  Read on for more benefits!  

1. Find out what the true condition of the home

Homeowners don't want to be surprised about the condition of thier home.  Many sellers have concerns that when the buyers order an inspection, the sale could potentially fall apart due to unforeseen items popping up.  This is a legitimate concern and if a buyer were to walk from the sale, the seller is left with the bad news and no buyer.  If an inspection is ordered early, this issue can be avoided as the seller would have previously addressed any major issues. 

2. Price the home correctly

Price is always a major issue in any type of sales. Knowing exactly what you are selling can make pricing strategies more justifiable. As previously mentioned, a pre-inspection gives the seller all the knowledge needed of the home being sold. An experienced agent will use this information along with market trends to determine what price is reasonable for the condition of the home, as well as making the seller the most money possible. 

3. Seller can plan for early repairs

During a transaction, time can be limited.  If a seller waits for the buyer to order the inspection, both parties negotiate repairs, and then schedule repairs, often there are only 2-3 weeks until closing day.  Having to find contractors, handymen, exterminators, or technicians available in such a short amount of time can be difficult.  By scheduling an inspection a few weeks prior to listing, the homeowner can schedule repairs for a longer timeframe.  Also, without a time restraint, the seller may be able to get multiple bids and save money instead of having to hire the first contractor available. 

4. Less negotiations

Buyers tend to use the inspection as an opportunity to ask for more seller paid concessions. In a situation where the home has already been inspected, sellers often release the report to interested buyers. If the buyer has all this information in hand prior to negotiating a purchase price, the tendancy to keep the purchase price as previously agreed upon will be higher. Also, the buyer and buyer's agent will have ample time to review the inspection and focus on issues of concern without generating a long knit-picky list of small items (which hopefully the seller already took care of prior to listing the home).  Negotiations may still occur but will most likely be minimal. 

5. Minimize stress

Not knowing if your home has major issues can add a lot of stress to the selling process. Most sellers would agree that the inspection process is the most stressful step as they prepare for closing day, so why not lower the anxiety by having this step done beforehand?  Knowing the true condition of the home will add confidence and reassurance that it truly is the right time to sell.  If something does need to be fixed, take some time and have it done correctly. If no issues are found, GREAT! Get ready to sell!

Interested in knowing what the value of your home would be in today's market?  Call me for a FREE Market Analysis or visit my website for a FREE computerized analysis.  It's a great time to sell! 

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