How To Keep Common Resolutions

Dated: 01/04/2018

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In 2018, I will....

 Common Resolutions for the New Year | How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

As 2018 begins, many people find themselves resolving to make a change. According to YouGov, an online polling firm, only 32% of Americans will NOT make a New Year's resolution. We have all heard of the most common resolutions, but what does it take to keep the resolution you have made for yourself?

Topping the list of most resolution polls is goals to better oneself. If you tend to exercise more, the best bet to stay in the game is to enlist a friend, coworker, or neighbor to hit the gym with you.  Having a system of accountability will ensure your workouts happen.  Another option would be to enroll in exercise classes where skipping a class or 2 would be noticed by other class members or staff.  Knowing you will be missed can lead to feelings of guilt and no one wants that! If you need additional motivation, try a fitness technology device or app.  Fitbit and other similar devices can be a reminder to schedule a workout and track your progress.  Many exercise apps are available to track calories you have burned in a workout, how many you need to burn to reach your fitness goals, and help you find local exercise class schedules at facilities near you.  

On the same lines of bettering oneself, eating better ranks right up there with exercising more.  Many people feel the strain of eating out too often.  The effects of too much take out hurt the figure as well as the wallet! Eating in is always a better option since you are in charge of the ingredients.  Not sure where to start?  Enroll in an introductory cooking class.  Learning the basic techniques of food prep and cooking styles will lead to more confidence in the kitchen.  Start with recipes which only require a small handful of ingredients and work your way to more delicate dishes.  Avoid processed or frozen foods and always use fresh fruits, vegatables, and herbs if available.  If you really need a hand, check out Blue Apron, HelloFresh, or other mail order meals where all the ingredients and directions come right to your door! Of course, there are apps available to organize prep times, shopping lists, and menus.  

While some people focus on the body for a change, others look to their bank account.  A common resolution is to spend less and save more.  The very best way to do this, set a budget and STICK TO IT! The fact of the matter is, many people are not completely aware of how they are spending all that money.  In order to make a conscious effort of saving, you must focus on what necessities are and how much they are costing you, everything else could be potentially considered wasted money! To get you started here are 12 ways to reduce waste and save money every month at home! If you save enough, you may even be able to afford your dream home!  Start house shopping at (that was my shameless plug).

The last resolution to touch on may not be the most popular but it is the most broken resolution of all!  Learn a new skill! Experts say this resolution does not last long because learning a new skill is often to overwhelming.  People become confused, frustrated, or pressed for time and the goal quickly falls to the waste side.  To avoid dissolution of your goal, don't try to tackle the entire language, cuisine, or song library right off the bat!  Trying to learn a new language? Download a free translation or language basics app to get started. Want to become a famous French pastry chef? Master 1 recipe at a time. Or maybe you vowed to learn how to play guitar?  Start with common cords or nursery rhymes before scheduling a major gig.  The main thing to keep in mind is to start small and expand your new skill at a pace you are comfortable with.  

No matter what your 2018 resolution is, here's to wishing you all the success of achieving it!  Happy New Year!  Cheers to 2018!

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