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Dated: 07/27/2017

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A growing trend in Sioux Falls and neighborhoods all over the country is the use of the Little Free Library book exchange.  " Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world." ( 

Here's how it works.  Book exchange boxes or "Libraries", like the one pictured below, are installed in neighborhoods.  Volunteer library stewards maintain the libraries and spread the word throughout the community for participation.  A steward can be a single person, family, or even groups such as Girl Scouts, church groups, 4-H groups, etc. offers multiple items, decorating tips, stories, and ideas to help stewards successfully promote thier library.  People use the library by donating books of all genres for people of all ages in the community.  Visitors take a book and leave a book through the free book exchange program.  

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Libraries have been built in mulitple locations giving people the opportunity to share books with fellow neighborhood readers.  Millions of books are exchanged every year all across the country.  According to multiple studies, illiteracy is largely due to children not having access to books.  Many low income families don't have the means to buy books or are not able to get to the public library.  Having many Little Free Library locations across the city makes it easy for families to find books close to home. Little Free Library has been nationally recognized numerous times for promoting literacy and lifelong passion for reading. 

CLICK HERE for Little Free Library locations in Sioux Falls.  For more information visit Happy reading! 

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