Spring Cleaning Checklist

Dated: 04/24/2017

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Image titleIt is finally starting to warm up in Sioux Falls (thank goodness!!) and when it comes to this beautiful weather it is vital to take advantage of it! Here is a list of things that your home, whether you plan to sell or not, needs to stand out in your neighborhood!

✔️Clean out the garage. Get rid of tools you don't use and other random things that always seem to make it to that pile in the garage. 

✔️Inspect the roof and gutter. Examine exterior and touch up if needed. 

✔️Power wash the outside of the house, including windows. 

✔️Drain all sediment from your hot water heater.

✔️Perform maintenance on home cooling systems. 

✔️Clean out those closets!! Donate clothing that you have not worn for more than two years. 

✔️Using a vacuum extension, sweep away all cobwebs and dust near the ceilings. 

✔️Wash the walls throughout the house using 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda to 1 gallon of warm water. 

✔️Wash all inside windows. 

✔️Vacuum/wash/dry clean all window coverings ( My personal least favorite but it must be done!) 

✔️Dust and wash light fixtures and chandeliers. 

✔️Wash all knickknacks. 

✔️Vacuum lampshades. Replace lightbulbs.

✔️Clean out and reorganize the linen closet. Toss out those worn out towels.

✔️Deep clean showers, toilets, floors and sinks. 

✔️Inventory the medicine cabinet and toss expired medicines. 

✔️Defrost freezer (if needed) and wash out refrigerator. Toss out expired foods. 

✔️Remove screen on stove fan and wash. Clean oven and soak stove rings and drip pans. 

✔️Go through your kitchen appliances, clean thoroughly and get rid of ones you no longer use regularly. Use your vacuum on the front of the coils and motor to remove dust and dirt. 

✔️Vacuum and dust books and bookshelves. 

✔️Wash all quilts, blankets, comforters and bedspreads. Turn mattresses. 

✔️Move all furniture to the center of each room and vacuum thoroughly. Rent a carpet shampooer and really get a thorough clean. 

✔️Take an inventory of the contents of each room. Force yourself to get rid of the things you don't need. Have a garage sale. Put the proceeds toward a family vacation :)

Hope this list helps! Break it down to one room at a time and make a weekend out of it! If anyone needs professional pressure washing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.. Please reach out for recommendations!!


Tracy Nelson


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