Super Bowl Trivia

Dated: 02/02/2018

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Super Bowl LII | New England Patriots vs. Philadelpia Eagles

Just a few short days away from the big game in Minneapolis, MN.  Super Bowl LII kicks off February 4, 2018 at 5:30 PM CT on NBC.  In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, brush up on your Super Bowl facts here! 


1. What year was the first Super Bowl?

2. Who won the first Super Bowl?

3. How much does the Lombardi trophy weigh?

4. How much does the Lombardi trophy cost to make?

5. What year had the highest record of attendance?

6. What year had the highest record of viewership?

7. What halftime performance actually decreased viewership?

8. How many parking spaces does the NFL require within a 1 mile radius of the hosting stadium?

9. Unless the stadium is covered by a dome, what is the required minimum average temperature of the host city?

10. What was the temperature the day of the coldest open air stadium Super Bowl (New Orleans 1972)?

11. Which conference has more Super Bowl Champion titles, NFC or AFC?

12. What team has the most Super Bowl Champion titles?

13. Which 2 teams have played at the Super Bowl in thier home area but not in their home stadium?

14. What 4 teams have never played in any Super Bowl?

15. What team is the only team that has won every Super Bowl they have played in? 

16. What team has 4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances but didn't win any of the 4 games?

17. How many teams have never won a Super Bowl?

18. What team had a perfect season that concluded with a victory in Super Bowl VII? 

19. What team has gone the longest without a second Super Bowl appearance?  

20. Where will Super Bowl LIII be held?


1. 1967

2. Green Bay Packers

3. 7 lbs. 

4. Approximately $50,000

5. 103,985 fans attended the Super Bowl XIV in 1980

6. 114.5 million viewers watched the Super Bowl XLIX in 2015

7. Super Bowl XXVI (1992) featured a live episode of In Living Color

8. 35,000

9. 50° F 

10. 39° at Tulane Stadium

11. NFC wins-26  AFC wins-25

12. Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 wins

13. San Francisco played at Stanford Stadium in Super Bowl XIX.  LA Rams played at the Rose Bowl in Super Bowl XIC. Both venues were seen as a better fit for such a large capacity crowd even though they were not the teams official NFL fields. 

14. Detroit Lions, Houstan Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cleveland Browns

15. Baltimore Ravens

16. Buffalo Bills 1990-1993

17. 13 teams 

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Jets-first appearance was in Super Bowl II in 1968

20. Mercedes Benz stadium-new home to the Atlanta Falcons

Enjoy the Game! 

*Information provided by Wikipedia, CNN, and the NFL.

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